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Why learn?


We invite you to widen the notion of fidelity, too often limited to the sole sexual exclusivity, and consider it as being faithful to the project you had at the beginning of your relationship: to care for each other, support each other, grow together, seduce each other, have pleasure together, etc. To honor this initial project and live a thriving sexuality with your partner, you cannot avoid some personal and relational apprenticeships.


You have to:

  • Take care of your sexuality
  • Know your own body
  • Know your partner’s body, learn to play together in eroticism
  • Learn how to nourish your sexual desire
  • Learn how to dream about your partner and show yourself as dreamable
  • Adapt to the inevitable changes of life and of our bodies
  • Do not hide behind your fears, your limitations or your frustrations around sexuality to avoid sex
  • Be aware that when one of you is unsatisfied, it becomes a problem for both of you, and the solution begins with taking personal responsibility
  • Remember that « making love » means more than just the encounter of two bodies