Alma Institute, consultations
Alma Institute, consultations


For an appointment contact :

Antoinette Liechti Maccarone
2, rue du Môle
1201 Geneva (Switzerland)

Phone +41.22.738.17.02
Fax +41.22.738.17.03


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Usually one to two 1h30 sessions are needed to make a sexoclinical evaluation and be able to offer a treatment plan. From then on, sessions usually become an hour long and their frequency depend on the person’s rythm and progresses. The main reasons for consulting are:

  • Erectile problems
  • Premature, rapid ejaculation or absence of it
  • Sexual desire problems
  • Sexual arousal problems
  • Problems with climaxing during intercourse
  • Pain during intercourse (vaginismus, dyspareunia)


Treatment will consist on learning corporal skills that help identify and manage sexual arousal whilst taking into account cognitive, affective, imaginary and relational aspects.

It is not just learning a corporal “technique”, but rather refining your perceptions and corporal as well as relational experiences in order to live a more satisfying sexual life.

It is possible to have couple sessions, specifically to work on seduction issues, but the sexological evaluations and treatment are done individually.